Snoring and sleep apnoea are two very common conditions in our community. It is estimated that around 45% of men and 20% of women snore on a regular basis, and just about everyone snores occasionally. Fotona® has introduced the outstanding treatment called NightLase®. 

Snoring occurs when the flow of air through the mouth is physically obstructed. Snoring can become very loud and disruptive to relationships in the home. Even more serious, regular snorers are at risk of serious health problems including sleep deprivation, lack of focus, decreased libido and irritability. 

Obstructive sleep apnoea is very closely related to snoring. Sleep apnoea occurs during sleep, like snoring, but involves periods of not breathing. There will be long pauses between breaths, which in turn has significant health impacts. The person will never wake feeling they have had a refreshing sleep. They will always be tired, looking for afternoon sleeps and suffering headaches, mood alterations and short-term memory loss, and there is a significant increase in the risk of stroke and poor cardiac health.

How Does Laser Treatment Help?
Fotona® Lasers at Border Medical Laser & Aesthetics have the innovative technology to work on fragile mucous membranous tissue. During the laser treatment the Er:YAG laser light gently heats the tissue at the back area of the soft palate. This in turn causes a tightening and strengthening of the tissue on the posterior palate. The laser light passes through the tissue in a harmonious fashion, so there is no trauma caused to any tissue. The sensation felt during the procedure is a gentle warmth. There is no pain at all during this treatment; it is a patient-friendly procedure not involving any medicines, needles or anaesthetics.

Why Choose Laser Therapy for Snoring and sleep Apnoea?
There are many surgical and non-surgical choices on the market when it comes to snoring and sleep apnoea, but no treatment provides the advantageous features of laser therapy: 

  • Safe and easy
  • No down time
  • No pain
  • No surgery, medicine or needles
  • No sleeping devices need to be worn 

An initial appointment with our laser consultant will allow thorough education and understanding, whilst allowing you to ask as many questions as you would like! Our laser consultant is a nurse with many years of experience in lasers, anaesthetics and nursing. He will discuss your health history and any medicines you may be taking, and he will also perform a small patch test. Some patients may need further assistance to achieve optimal results. Obesity is a condition which may prevent optimal laser results, and a dietician referral can be made to assist you. Some people may have an existing nose injury which is preventing air flow, and a surgical referral may be also be required. 

The next appointment at our clinic will be for the snoring and sleep apnoea treatment. There is nothing you need to do beforehand; there is nothing you need to bring. The session will last about 45 minutes. You can resume normal activities after you leave; you can even return to work if you like! You and your loved ones will start noticing a difference in your snoring after just one treatment. After 3 weeks, you can have your second treatment which will further strengthen your soft palate; the procedure is the same. After one year, you may need one more ‘tune up’, and this treatment will ensure you and your loved ones will continue to sleep and live well! 


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