Medical Practitioner, Obstetrics GP, Laser Consultant

Liz is an experienced general practitioner who has qualifications in the areas of women's health, obstetrics and children's health. 

Liz has undertaken her studies in the use of laser technology with The Fleming Institute and Innovative Medical Technologies. 

As well as enjoying her work in aesthetics at the clinic, Liz plans to further develop her interest and experience in medical applications of laser. This field of medicine is fast evolving and aims to provide patients with safe and appropriate treatment whilst minimising their down time.

Her qualifications include MBBS, Fellowship of the RACGP, DCH and DRANZCOG Advanced Training.


Registered Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Midwifery, Laser Consultant

Ellen Sampson is a confident practicing midwife in Wodonga. With this background Ellen brings a passion to the business in the area of women’s health. Working with women in their childbearing years, Ellen has a close affiliation with the adverse impacts pregnancy and childbirth can have on one’s health. Ellen wishes to promote the incredible laser advancements for women’s health in the areas of stress urinary incontinence, vaginal tightening and vaginal scar rejuvenation after childbirth.

Ellen has travelled to Italy and Slovenia to be involved in laser symposiums, focusing on the gynaecological applications, and has undertaken personalised education by leading gynaecologists in Ljubljana.

Ellen will work alongside our medical practitioner for these gynaecological treatments and be an active advocate for women by promoting and educating these non-invasive, life-changing procedures for active women.


Kellie Jackson is a Registered Nurse with over 20 years’ experience, having specialised in Anaesthetics and Pain Management as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. Kellie’s passion in skin health, rejuvenation, and anti-ageing has led her to further studies in the Graduate Diploma in Cosmetic Nursing. Kellie has studied with The Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science for her Graduate Diploma, The Fleming Institute, and Innovative Medical Technologies for her laser skills, and Allergan for her Anti-wrinkle Injections techniques.

Kellie is a precise and thorough consultant, which is why her abilities in the line of Anti-wrinkle Injections are Kellie’s specialty.

Anti-ageing, through the use of specialised skincare from Synergy Skin™, is an important part of Kellie’s education and ongoing dermal support for her Clients. Kellie wishes to promote her experience and understanding of skincare regimes and mineral makeup importance with her line of work.


Darren Sampson is a well-respected laser consultant in the region. Darren has developed a thorough and holistic understanding of lasers, and respects their innovative abilities to render amazing results for Clients. Darren has perfected the art of tattoo removal, snoring and sleep apnoea, scar rejuvenation, and a myriad of other medical laser advancements this Clinic offers.

Darren has a background in Nursing; this gives him a comprehensive understanding and respect for the importance of the laser physiology in respect to one’s individual health and medical history, hence ensuring gold standard care.

Darren’s enthusiasm with lasers has seen him travel to Slovenia and Italy to perfect the art of laser treatments for the Clinic. In the course of Darren’s travels, he has created a network of professional contacts worldwide in the laser industry for professional support and to ensure Border Medical Laser & Aesthetics remains the most innovative, advanced and professional clinic available in the region.

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