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Prior to any treatment here at the Clinic, we do require all new patients to attend a consultation appointment with our staff to review medical histories, conduct a patch test on your skin with the laser, and to discuss in more detail the treatment parameters, treatment price, regularity and pre, during and post care. This appointment is generally $44, though if you would like to come in for a cost free and obligation free consultation please call us for more information on 
02 6024 1156.

Laser treatment for arthritis uses a method called photobiostimulation which allows the cells in the arthritic joint to repair, regenerate at a cellular level and reverse the damage caused by arthritis. The treatment offers; promotion of cellular growth and repair, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties (pain relief), it increases vascular activity and helps regulate immune system.

Laser treatment involves an intensive regime of two treatments per week for up to 3 to 6 weeks depending on the extent, which joint or treatment area, how many areas are being treated, and whether this is a fairly new or ongoing condition. Prices and regularity would be confirmed after an assessment with the consultant.

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