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Prior to any treatment here at the Clinic, we do require all new patients to attend a consultation appointment with our staff to review medical histories, conduct a patch test on your skin with the laser, and to discuss in more detail the treatment parameters, treatment price, regularity and pre, during and post care. Generally, there is a $44 assessment fee associated with the visit, though if you would like to come in for a cost free and obligation free consultation please call us for more information on 02 6024 1156.

The Fotona QX-MAX is state of the art. Its high energy, single nano second pulse technology is vastly superior. This innovative technology allows very short pulses of intense light to pass harmlessly through the top layers of skin to be selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink. In turn this intense light power shatters the ink of the tattoo, into minute ink particles that then will be picked up by ones immune system [scavenger cells] and discarded out of the body.

Black is the easiest tattoo colour to remove. Every colour in the tattoo artwork will require a different wave length to specifically remove it. 1064 nanometers is required for dark pigment, 532nm KTP for red, purple and orange tattoo inks, 650nm for green, and 585nm for sky blue coloured inks.

Due to the various factors in tattoo removal, we cannot provide a confirmed price without having visually assessed the tattoo. Prices below are offered as a guide.

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