Scars no longer need to be permanent with the innovative development of lasers. Traditional methods of scar removal involved surgery or harsh dermabrasion to try and eliminate the lumpy, sunken or discoloured scar tissue. With the advanced technology of our Fotona® Lasers, scars are able to heal in a harmonious fashion without the need for medication, scalpels, anaesthetics or needles. 

Border Medical Laser & Aesthetics possesses the latest technology in the laser world for scar revision. Our staff have travelled to Europe to master the innovative ‘F22 Runner’ with the Er:YAG used in scar healing.

Scar Rejuvenation
Skin resurfacing with Er:YAG [2940nm] lasers works by removing ultra-fine layers of the scarred skin and by passing harmoniously through the skin to produce gentle heating at a cellular level. This process stimulates the regeneration of new cells, involving a collagen remodelling and the re-establishment of the elastin fibres of the skin. The body uses its immune system and natural healing mechanisms for this rejuvenation, ensuring the colour, tone and texture of the developing skin is similar to the surrounding tissue.

Consultation with Our Medical Team
Before any laser treatment can occur, your skin needs to be protected from the sun for about 2 weeks. In this time, you will have a consultation with our laser technician, whom is an experienced nurse. Your procedure will be discussed, and you will be free to ask any questions. An overview of your health history and medications will be discussed to ensure laser therapy is ideal for you. A patch test will be conducted to ensure your suitability with laser therapy. In 4-7 days, you will be able to commence your laser therapy. 

Some scars are known as a ‘keloid scar,’ and people with keloid scarring are unable to have laser therapy, as their body already shows that it overstimulates the healing process of the skin to produce an abnormal scar. Laser therapy will only aggravate this healing process further and can lead to further keloid scarring if a person is predisposed to this.

What Can I Expect During My Laser Therapy?
The scar rejuvenation treatment will last for about 30-40 minutes. There is minimal pain involved with this procedure; it is very gentle. There will be a warming of the skin, and some people describe this like hot pins at times, but it is mild. We use a Koolio Machine which blows -37 degree cold air onto the laser site which is very soothing. Eye shields will be placed on your eyes to protect them from the laser light. There will be minimal pain felt during or after the procedure, and you are always able to talk to your laser consultant about how you are feeling.

What Can I Expect After My Laser Therapy?
You must keep your treated scar area out of direct sunlight, as this will exacerbate the laser therapy treatment and may change the desired outcome. This means covering up with shirts, hats and sunscreen and making yourself available to shaded areas if outdoors. Your skin may feel warm like sunburn for the next 12-24 hours. Bepanthen cream is ideal to use to ensure moisture, hydration and a soothing element to the skin. Such care of your skin will ensure the ideal environment for the regeneration of the new cell growth.

How Many Treatments Will I Require?
Every person is unique. Their skin will require individualised treatment plans. Some people will have a small area of scar tissue; other people will require intensive scar treatment to ensure pleasing results. At your consultation appointment, your treatment plan will be discussed and may involve between 3-6 laser sessions. 


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