Due to ageing and some other environmental factors, our natural production of collagen and elastin progressively reduce, resulting in dryness and dehydration, sagging of the skin, and fine wrinkles and more harsh lines. This is where Dermal Fillers are a beneficial treatment to target these areas of concern. Dermal Fillers are a non-invasive injectable treatment that is commonly used for restoring volume to the face, to help soften and rejuvenate the skin.

How are they used? 
Dermal fillers can be injected into the lips to plump, into the cheeks for definition and lift, in the jawline to lift and pronounce shape, under the eye area to plump and soften, and even the nose to improve structure. Dermal fillers can also be used to improve the appearance or scars and other imperfections.

Where do you inject Dermal Fillers?
Our registered Injecting Nurse will conduct a face assessment with you to ascertain the best possible methods and places to inject based on your ideal outcomes. These areas can include the following:

This area can become quite thinned and look almost dehydrated as we age, with injections, can become more plump, balance out the shape of the lips, and add more balance to the upper and lower lips.

Nasolabial Fold: 
These lines begin from the nose and run down to the corners of the mouth, and as your cheeks lower with age, can accentuate these lines, and even make them deeper. Injections can be made to this area to help support the area surrounding and soften these lines. 

This area loses volume as we age and can appear hollowed, with injections can add volume.

Also referred to as the jowls, become sagged as we age, this part of the lower face can be injected to help re-create that jawline.

Around the Mouth:
The tissue around the mouth, the “Depressor Anguli Oris”, can give off the impression of a frown. Injections can help soften and lift. 

Over time, ageing can weigh down the cheeks (Malar Fat Pad) and this then sets of a weighted appearance in the whole of the lower face, and even pull down from the upper face. Injections to your cheeks can help define, fill and soften. 

This area can be injected to provide a more set chin/jawline, or injected to soften the area. 

Tear Trough:
This area can appear darkened, or hollowed, due to loss of volume to the area. Injections can help fill and support those areas to flow on to the rest of the face.


The substance that is used in Dermal Fillers is designed to imitate the naturally found properties of the skin.

In your initial consultation with our Clinic Doctor and Registered injecting Nurse, a face assessment will be conducted where a thorough plan is designed prior to injecting, to ensure your satisfaction and to maximise your results to suit your budget.

A numbing cream 45 minutes prior to injecting will be put on the area, you can get comfortable in our wait room until the numbing agent has begun to work.

The filler will be injected through a small needle into the target areas by the injecting nurse, the nurse may also apply a small frozen pack whilst being injected to minimise bruising. The nurse will stop after each area so that you might see what has been done, if you are not needle-phobic, there will be a mirror at the base of the treatment bed so that you can watch as it happens.

How long do Dermal Fillers last?
This depends on the type of Dermal Filler used, we do not use permanent fillers, and this enables us to modify and adapt your look based on your desired results. Depending on the Dermal Filler used, it can last from 6-12 months or two years. 


At Border Medical Laser & Aesthetics, we aim to provide holistic thorough care, which extends to your post-treatment care. We will offer a complementary ‘light makeup’ to allow you to go about your day, or return to work with confidence, so no one needs to know you have had treatment.

You can commence your normal activities after your injections, there is no complicated post care required.

We encourage you to come back and see our registered nurse two weeks after the treatment to assess post-treatment, and also to ensure your satisfaction with the results. We will be providing an after-hours number to our clients to be able to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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