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Cosmetic injections and treatments at Border Medical Laser come in two forms, Anti-wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers. The most common uses for these particular treatments are to reduce the signs of ageing, to soften more aggressive lines and to plump and refresh your skin.

What are Cosmetic Injections?
Cosmetic injections are injectable substances used to reduce facial wrinkles and lines. These include dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. 

How are they used?
Anti-wrinkle injections are injected in order to relax muscles and soften the appearance of the area they are injected into. This works by blocking the transmission for movement at the nerve ending, which results in muscle weakness or paralysis.

Dermal fillers are piped by injection in order to “fill” the wrinkle or line to produce a smoothing effect.

Risks of Cosmetic Injections
The fact that our cosmetic injections are a prescription-only treatment shows there is an element of danger associated with its use. This is why our patients are required to attend an assessment and review with our Injecting Nurse and Clinic Doctor. This is due to the element of risk associated with their use, which can include, but is not limited to: risk from the medication itself, risk from administration (injection), and complexity of the conditions being treated (medicinal or aesthetic purposes). 

The Laws around Cosmetic Injections 
Prescribing and administrating prescription-only medicines is controlled by the Poisons Act 1964 and Poisons Regulations 1965.

Using Cosmetic Injections
Treatment with cosmetic injections cannot be started without first having a consultation with our Clinic Doctor and our Registered Injecting Nurse.

Read more on Anti-wrinkle Injections or Dermal Fillers. You can also contact our Clinic on (02) 6024 1156 for more information or to speak with our Registered Injecting Nurse.

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