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Prior to any treatments here at the Clinic, we do require all new patients to attend a consultation appointment with our injecting Nurse to conduct a face assessment and discuss any relevant medical histories that may affect the treatments. In this initial assessment the nurse will also discuss your budget, treatment costs, regularity and provide you with the most efficient and cost effective option to suit your needs. This appointment is complementary and obligation free!

Our registered injecting Nurse will conduct a face assessment with you to ascertain the best possible methods and places to inject based on your ideal outcomes.

 These areas can include the following;

Lips, Nasolabial Folds, Temples, Jawline, Around the mouth, Cheeks, Chin and Tear Trough.

The cost is determined post assessment based on the product required to be used to treat that particular area and the amount of products used to achieve the desired result. Therefor pricing cannot be fully determined or estimated until you have seen the nurse for the initial complimentary assessment. If you wish to procure a quote you can visit the injecting nurse obligation free!

We aim to provide holistic thorough care, which extends to your post-treatment care. We will offer a complementary ‘light makeup’ to allow you to go about your day, or return to work with confidence, so no one needs to know you have had treatment.

You can commence your normal activities after your injections, there is no complicated post care required.

We encourage you to come back and see our registered nurse two weeks after the treatment to assess post-treatment, and also to ensure your satisfaction with the results. 


We use only premium standard Allergan products

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