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Vaginal Scarring is an all too familiar result from childbirth for many women. The scar can be thick and uncomfortable. Many women find that when returning to their normal sexual life the scar can actually cause discomfort, pain and sometimes an avoidance of sexual activity because of the sheer discomfort. 

Prior to laser therapy, the only choice for women was to go to theatre and have the scar line surgically revised in the hope the new scar will be better than the old scar! Laser therapy is the latest innovative medical advancement available to women today. The laser procedure ensures:

  • No down time
  • A walk-in/walk-out procedure
  • No needles
  • No pain
  • No need for pain relief
  • Women-centred health care

Border Medical Laser & Aesthetics have the latest Fotona® Laser which is leading the laser gynaecological field. ‘Smooth Mode’ is the state-of-the-art development which allows the laser beam to work through very sensitive tissues, such as the mucous membrane in the vagina, without causing any trauma. These treatments have been used thoroughly in Europe and are beginning to receive equally satisfying results for our Australian women. 

Our female clinic doctor and our experienced midwife will be performing and overseeing the women’s health concerns of female stress urinary incontinence, vaginal tightening and vaginal scarring.

How Does the Vaginal Scarring Treatment Work?
A speculum similar to when having a pap smear is inserted into the vagina and a specialised gynaecological laser probe. The heat from the laser beam harmoniously passes through the vaginal wall and works at a cellular level. The warmth of the laser:

  • Creates micro wounds into the old scar to promote natural wound healing
  • Stimulates micro wound repair to encourage a more controlled wound healing response
  • Stimulates new collagen growth
  • Remodels the previous scar into healthier tissue
  • The body’s natural immune system removes the waste products of the old scar away

Prior to Your Laser Therapy
Our female clinic doctor and our female registered midwife will be looking after you through your laser treatment. Your initial consultation will involve a vaginal assessment and a discussion about your medical and health history. There will be a thorough discussion about the treatment. Be sure to ask as many questions as you wish. 2 to 4 treatments will be required to complete the healing of your scar. The amount of sessions will vary depending on the thickness and severity of your scar and your own body’s response to the treatment.

During the Laser Therapy
The laser procedure is similar to having a pap smear. A speculum, similar to a pap smear speculum, is placed into the vagina, and then a special laser probe, specific for this procedure is placed within this speculum. The laser therapy does not hurt; you can hear a pulsed sound of the laser delivering its light beam into the vagina, and you can vaguely feel this sensation too. The probe is moved around gently inside the vagina to laser all the required areas. At times, there is a point when the laser is towards the outer edge of the vagina where you will feel the laser sensation differently, but it is not painful. The procedure takes about 20 minutes, and you will be amazed at the ease and comfortable nature of the treatment.

After Your Laser Therapy
There are no special pre- or post-procedure requirements. You can even return to work after the 20-minute procedure and continue on with normal daily activities. For the following few hours your vagina may feel warm and tingly, but no pain should be associated.

Exercise, lifting or any strenuous activity where stress is put on the core muscles or the pelvic floor must be avoided for a few days. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for 2 weeks. This allows the region to settle. 2-4 laser sessions will be required to complete your scar healing process. 


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